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To:  All
Subject:  My Yahoo AL Only Draft
Date:  3/26/06, 12:02pm (Last Edited: 3/26/06, 12:05pm)
I am participating in an AL only Yahoo League. It is head to head. There are 8 teams in the league & 25 picks per team. Here is how my draft went. I picked 4th in the draft.

OF - Carl Crawford (1st round)
OF - Curtis Granderson (9th round)
OF - Jermaine Dye (13th round)
C - Victor Martinez (2nd round)
1B/OF - Aubrey Huff (8th round)
2B - Ronnie Belliard (11th round)
3B - Adrian Beltre (6th round)
SS - Jhonny Peralta (3rd round)


OF - Rondell White (17th round)
OF - Delmon Young (20th round)
OF - Juan Rivera (24th round)
C - Rod Barajas (19th round)
2B/1B/3B - Tony Graffanino (25th(last)round)
3B - Joe Crede (23rd round)
SS - Angel Berroa (21st round)

My Pitching

SP - Mark Buehrle (4th round)
SP - CC Sabathia (7th round)
SP - Scott Kazmir (10th round)
SP - Ervin Santana (12th round)
SP - Rodrigo Lopez (15th round)

RP - BJ Ryan (5th round)
RP - Chad Orvella (14th round)
RP - Neal Cotts (16th round)
RP - Rafael Betancourt (22nd round)
RP/SP - Hector Carrasco (18th round)

I think I did pretty good in this draft. It was suppost to be mixed league draft, but was changed to AL only 30 minutes before draft time.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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To:  drrubb
Green Caesar  
Subject:  Re: My Yahoo AL Only Draft
Date:  3/27/06, 9:58am (Last Edited: 3/27/06, 9:58am)
Not bad ... don't you hate it when they change up the rules right before the draft? I once went into a fantasy football draft where we had keepers and all of a sudden half the league didn't want keepers anymore and after a vote was taken, keepers were thrown back into the draft. All that prep work goes to waste!

Love your pitchers ... very good group here.
I like your team. I keep thinking that you have a weakness and then I remember that it is AL Only.
If Barajas takes off ... you should look to deal him to get some help.


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To:  Green Caesar
Subject:  Re: My Yahoo AL Only Draft
Date:  3/27/06, 10:36pm
Thanks for your reply Green Caesar! I appreciate your thoughts & critique. Pretty good advice about Barajas. Also cool to see that you are a fantasy football lover as well. I can't get enough fantasy baseball & fantasy football. Love them both! I see you in the Baseball Manager League this year. Welcome to the league & good luck, except when you play me The BBM fantasy baseball is much different than the Yahoo fantasy baseball.

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