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Subject:  Pitching to Pujols
Date:  5/29/06, 4:12pm
So I was sitting here, reading my book (A Complicated Kindness, by Miriam Toews), and simultaneously i'm watching the St. Louis Cardinals play the Houston Astros. The score is 1-0 for Houston, it's the bottom of the Seventh, the Cardinals are batting, there are two outs, runners on first and second, and Albert Pujols is coming up to the plate. He has 24 home runs so far this season. The best pace in history? Now, my question is, if the object of the manager is to win the game, does he let someone pitch to Pujols?
My thought was 'no'. Scott Rolen is on deck, with a whopping five home runs to Pujols' twenty-four - the Astros are winning by only one run, they cannot afford a three run homerun in this contest, and there are already two outs.
Pujols hit the home run. Right now its flashing on the tv screen "Play of the Game" and he's swinging the bat and the ball goes out to left field a home run. The end score was 3-1. May 29, 2006.
Oh, and Pujols is hitting .480 with RISP and two outs. They put that up just before he hit the home run.

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