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Subject:  Yankees & Mets.......... AGAIN!?!?!?!? Aren't we tired of this?
Date:  5/18/08, 10:31am
Leave it to ESPN to make absolutely sure that the Sunday Night Game of the Week features the Yankees & Mets. Should we be shocked? Don't we already know these teams? Haven't we been force fed the same old teams, the same old rivalries enough? Hey ESPN & FOX, don't you know that MLB exist outside of New York & Boston? I know I rant about this every year, but it is my right of passage to do so. I know some of you that are familiar with me on this website are probably tired of hearing it, but oh well, somebody has to do it.

I am so damn sick & tired of ESPN & FOX because all they ever want to televise is the Yankees, Mets, & Red Sox. I understand that they are the largest markets in baseball, along with Chicago & Los Angeles, but why do we always have to watch the same old damn teams on TV. This is what is wrong with MLB people. We already know a million times over who the Yankees, Mets, & Red Sox are. Here is a hint ESPN & FOX! How about venturing out sometimes & televise the smaller market teams. Let America get a little more familiar with the Marlins, the Royals, the Padres, the Rays, etc. I think America is tired of the same old big market mass media teams. I know I am & I say that as a huge baseball fan. I also understand that ESPN & FOX are scared that people may not watch if the big market teams aren't televised. TV & the main stream media is the victim of their own problem in which they created years ago. MLB will never be healthy unless the smaller market teams start gaining more TV & national exposure. Their will never be true competitive balance because the more the big market teams are on TV the ore money those teams will continue to generate because of the same old reasons I've said before. The more & more people see the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox on TV, the more fans & bandwagon fans they gather, which leads to more capitalism for these teams in merchandise sails. Popularity generates money!

My point is this. Aren't these big market teams already popular enough? Why don't MLB & the television market & the main strean media just ban or contract about 22 major league baseball teams all together? Why not? About 7 or 8 teams is all we ever see on TV anyway. Hardly anyone even knows that the other 22 teams even exist. Sarcasm from me of course, but it is the cold hard truth. How are the small market teams ever going to compete with the big market teams if they don't get more exposure? Okay, yeah the Rays are currently in first place, but does anyone think they are really going to maintain that for even more than a season. They'll just get raped in free agency because they can't afford to keep everybody & teams like the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, etc will just cherry pick them to death because those teams can afford their high priced free agents. It all gets back to exposure. If the smaller market teams were televised by national TV more often, they would gain in popularity & exposure because people are sheep. They always want to follow what's popular. If the small market teams are never on national TV, they will never gain any significant popularity, & again, popularity sells. That is why the big market teams will never truly go in a funk because they will always have the popularity & exposure & that will lead to continuous cash flow through marketing, commercialism, ticket sails, merchandise sails.

Again, this is what is very wrong about the game of baseball. Unfortunately, my efforts to express these thoughts will never make any difference, never make really any impact, but if millions of others out there thought the same way I do & expressed it through the right channels of communication, maybe eventually, America, the TV networks, & the media would open their eyes & see that it is a major problem. Anyone that feels the same way I do should express it. Not that it will make any difference, but it would be nice to know that there are some people out there that feel the same way I do, if nothing else, for the sake of the overall game of MLB.

I for one will not watch any Yankees, Mets, or Red Sox games the rest of the year. I know I'm just one person & it doesn't really matter what I think, but I can atleast choose to boycott ESPN's & FOX's love affair with the Yankees, Mets, & Red Sox which has been force fed way too much to the American public. I atleast won't be watching & contributing to their ratings until they show some kind of committment to change, atleast a little. These TV networks & these major big market teams & the main stream media are the diseases that dominate MLB & it is very unfortunate.

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