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Subject:  Powerless!
Date:  7/1/08, 7:58am
I guess I'm the only person in America who doesn't feel like he is truly heard & understood. I guess that's just the way it is & I'm powerless to do anything about it. Effort falling upon def ears. I don't understand why things are the way they are. I don't think it's right & I don't think it's fair. Why does everything in sports now have to look & be a certain way? Why does everything have to be glamourous & sexy? All I ever hear when I turn on ESPN is Yankees, Red Sox, New York(anything New York, Giants, Jets, Mets), Tiger Woods, Arod, Jeter, Manny, the Lakers, the Celtics, Kobe, Shaq, Cowboys, Romo, T.O., etc. Am I wrong in saying that ESPN & the media are a disease to sports? The constant promotion of the same things, teams, superstars.

How did I get on this subject you may ask? Listening to the Mike & Mike show on ESPN News this morning. Jayson Stark was being interviewed about "Who would Bud Selig rather see in the World Series?" The Red Sox or Rays? Knowing the media like I do, I already knew what he was going to say. Obviously he says the Red Sox. Looking at it from my point of view, taking away the fact that I'm a Rays fan, I ask WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? Would it be so wrong to have small market teams in the World Series? Why does everything have to be about big market? As I write this, I want to rip somebody's fucking head off! We've seen the Red Sox, we've seen the Yankees in the World Series countless times. How will America ever get to know the other major league teams(particularly the small market teams) if ESPN & the media keeps brainwashing the American viewing public that it's all about the Red Sox & Yankees, & other big market teams like the Cubs, Mets, Dodgers? If ESPN & the media talked as much about the smaller market teams & their stars(particularly the Rays this season) as they do the Yankees & Red Sox, maybe America could get to know the Rays. People are sheep, they always follow the crowd! So naturally, if all we ever hear about is the Yanks & Red Sox, that is what people are going to follow. The media & ESPN creates & has already created the problem, the disease.

Unfortunately, I think it's a problem that has become unfixable & I'm constantly feeling like Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn. I'm starting to think I'm just a one man army that is completely powerless to do anything about it. I constantly email ESPN & complain to them about the same things. I just think they delete emails & never read them.

Tampa Bay's payroll is 43 million. The Red Sox payroll is 133 million. The Yankees payroll is over 200 million. Why can't America get behind a team like the Rays who is doing it with far less money, far less popularity, far less rock star status, far less sex appeal? What is wrong with America? Aren't they tired of Yankees this, Yankees that, Red Sox this, Red Sox that. Why can't we have someting different for a change? I could give 2 shits about Bud Selig & MLB's ratings! I want to see the Rays in the World Series. I don't care that they aren't "sexy". Maybe I'm just an anarchist. Maybe I'm just tired of the same old establishment. The reason why ESPN & the media can't name every Ray starter is because they never talk about them & all of the main stream media resides in New York, Boston, & Chicago. Got news for you guys, the Rays currently have the best record in baseball. They have swept the Angels, the Cubs, the Marlins, the Red Sox. They have also played the toughest schedule in MLB so far according to Jayson Stark & Peter Gammons. I can name all of the Rays starters & probably their entire roster. The media & ESPN are selfish. All they ever care about is the "big story". What's "sexy" in the world of sports? The Yankees & Red Sox are always going to be around. Why not the Rays once in a while? Can't ESPN get their ass kissing heads out of the Yankees & Red Sox ass for one f#$king season & talk about someone else for a change. They can't stand that the Rays are in first & are actually very formidable because it's throwing a monkey wrench in their Yankees-Red Sox love affair. If ESPN & the media had it their way, it would always be about the big market teams & the big name players.

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To:  drrubb
Rob Reed  
Subject:  Re: Powerless!
Date:  7/1/08, 7:01pm
I agree with you in theory, but the reality is that the media (in my view) hasn't created this disease. The fans have.

Sure, the majority of folks working at ESPN are east coasters (i.e, New England) and will have an east coast (i.e., New England) bias.

BUT, ESPN is out of business if people don't watch, and it just so happens that people WANT this kind of focus.

I'm not as angry as you, actually... because if the Rays can find major success this year, it would be the greatest way to rub the powers-that-be's nose in it. And, I hope they do find major success.

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